User Reviews

“In his latest book, Gary Hawkins leverages his extensive experience to provide unique insights on how tech driven disruption is shaking up the retail sector. A very useful read for retailers and other commentators alike, in fact for anyone thinking about
how newer technologies eg generative AI, will impact retail.Now more than ever retailers need to embrace change and transformation, and this book will
help them on that journey.”

Richard Chamberlain

Managing Director

General Retail
RBC Capital Markets
“Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the grocery industry, adopting the rapid technological advancements is not merely an option; it’s the gateway to a future where convenience, sustainability, and innovation harmonize to nourish both our bodies and the world we inhabit. Gary’s book ‘Bionic Retail’ underscores the importance of cultivating the mindset and culture within the grocery industry to embrace the swift pace of technology innovation.”

Doug Baker

Vice President Industry Relations

FMI – The Food Industry Association
Gary Hawkins’ latest book, ‘Bionic Retail’, is a must-read for anyone in the retail industry. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of the future of retail, where physical automation and artificial intelligence are integrated through a digital nervous system into our human organizations to create a new retail species: Bionic Retail. Hawkins’ deep experience with retailers and technology providers shines through, providing a blueprint for navigating the rapidly changing retail landscape. This book challenges traditional retail operating and business models, urging retailers to look beyond the shiny new innovations and focus on aligning their organizational structures and decision-making processes with the future. ‘Bionic Retail’ is more than just a book; it’s a roadmap to the future of retail.

ShiSh Shridhar

Global Retail Lead

Microsoft for Startups
“This is Gary Hawkins’s most ambitious and important book to-date. “Bionic Retail” is a consilience of sorts, a unity of knowledge, combining technological innovation with human inspiration, as applied to the consumer goods and food retailing industry. Inventive technology continues to accelerate at an exponential pace, widening the gap between functionality and utility. Those companies that move closer to the former through pipelines, applications, and platforms will enjoy a growing competitive advantage. The laggards will be at risk. Gary deftly lays out the case for culture and organization change and preparing for a new technology enabled world that couldn’t be imagined much less lived in, not too long ago. This is a must read for all c-suite food industry executives”

Mark W. Baum, Chief Collaboration Officer, FMI-The Food Industry Association.
“Another excellent book from Gary Hawkins. “Bionic Retail” is a MUST READ for today’s grocery industry leaders at all levels. It clearly articulates what is happening in today’s world with impactful examples from the grocery industry of yesterday to today. After reading “Bionic Retail” I have a much clearer understanding of the speed of change and the danger of “doing nothing” or worse, “doing what we have always DONE.”

Mike Stigers

Associate Teaching Professor of Marketing

Wakefern Food Corp.
“Bionic Retail” by Gary Hawkins is an absolute must-read for anyone in the world of retail, from seasoned veterans to aspiring leaders. Hawkins delivers a compelling wake-up call, highlighting the urgent need for transformation in the face of the exponentially accelerating innovation in the industry. The book is a treasure trove of real-world examples that pull back the curtains behind some of today’s most significant innovations, providing invaluable insights and inspiration. It not only illuminates the path toward cultivating a tech-forward culture but also offers a pragmatic framework for getting started and building the organizational muscle. “Bionic Retail” is the resounding call to action that laggards require and a resounding endorsement for those who have leaned into transformation with enthusiasm. Gary Hawkins has crafted a masterful guide to the future of retail that should not be missed.

Tom Furphy


Consumer Equity Partners
We have come to discover that courage and curiosity are two of the most critical leadership traits. Gary Hawkins expands on these character traits by identifying the outcomes – inspired vision, committed action, and an innovation doctrine. Hawkins is a creative storyteller who is passionate about helping the retail industry leaders learn from his lessons and the lessons of others. In his most recent book, Bionic Retail, Hawkins uses intentional metaphors, historical perspectives, and interesting new facts about technology to enlighten future leaders. Bionic Retail is a must-read for every leader in the retail and CPG industry who is wondering how to compete and win in the future. I encourage all my students to read Hawkins’ books so they are prepared to compete in a world where AI will drive our strategic decisions and enhance our ability to innovate like never before.

Dr. Cynthia McCloud

Director and Adjunct Professor, USC Marshall School of Business

Food Industry Programs
Gary Hawkins has been at a leading voice in the world of retail technology and, with Bionic Retail, Gary is sharing his expertise with retailers at a critical moment in time when technology is changing business faster than we can adapt. This book is a must-read for any retailer, or business leader, looking to develop a customer-focused strategy to prepare themselves for the exponential world into which we are entering.

Karthik Easwar

Associate Teaching Professor of Marketing

McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University
Gary has done it again! “Bionic Retail” is a must read for leadership in the supermarket industry. Today’s supermarket experience continues to evolve, and Gary has done an excellent job of explaining the speed of technology and how it will impact the supermarket experience in the future. Supermarket leaders should be focused on the speed of retail change and how those technological advancements can positively impact the customer experience in the future.

Steven C. Smith

President & CEO

K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
“Gary Hawkins manages to quote Ray Bradbury and Lewis Carroll, cite “Star Trek” and “The Six Million Dollar Man,” and use his Bernese Mountain Dog puppy as a business metaphor in “Bionic Retail,” which makes him my kind of technology writer – accessible and relevant, making a persuasive case for how to actually act on actionable information.”